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Hiking New York, Fourth Edition

Get your heart pumping with some of the best hiking the Empire State has to offer. This book, with a complete new look and even more information, will take you from the Adirondack lakes and peaks to the gulfs and falling waters of the Finger Lakes Region, from the heritage of the Erie Canal to the lore of the Catskills. Pine barrens, wilderness shores, hardwood forests, prairie grasslands and wetlands will keep your pulse jumping. So step lively; this is New York. Dream it, Plan it, Do it. Color. Paperback, 289 pages, ISBN 978-1-4930-3501-4. List Price $24.95. Publisher Rowman & Littlefield.

A Proven Stand-by

Hiking Connecticut and Rhode Island

Put Connecticut and Rhode Island on your trail radar with this full-color guide, with all the maps, detail and inside scoop. Despite the small geographic footprint, this two-state offering delivers with peaks, falling waters, lakes, brooks, marshes, coastal bluffs and shores, and, of course, signature southern New England forest. You'll find hikes that challenge and others that invite you to step out of your daily demands. From the Connecticut Bershires to the bluffs and shores of Rhode Island's famous Block Island, you'll pace off the region's rich heritage and find reasons to return again and again. So freshen your laces and check out the trails of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Surprise is just around the bend. Color. Paperback, 294 pages, ISBN 978-0-7627-8160-7. List Price $19.95. Publisher Rowman & Littlefield.

A Familiar Favorite

Camping Oregon, Third Edition

If you love to camp, if you love finding and exploring new places, if you love Oregon, this is the book for you. Completely updated, it is the definitive guide to camping Oregon. Whether you travel in RV comfort or choose to adventure by tent, keep this book—this perfect travel companion—close at hand. For some 700 public campgrounds, you will find concise directions, practical details, and helpful descriptions to make the most of your Oregon stays. Each description paints a clear picture of the campground's appearance from the rustle of the trees to the splash of the fish and suggests possible outings and identifies points of interest in and near camp. B&W. Paperback, 444 pages, ISBN 978-0-7627-8158-4. List Price $21.95. Publisher Rowman & Littlefield.

And, Don't Forget

Our Washington

Celebrated photographer George Ostertag has done it again. This time, he and wife Rhonda have captured the beauty of Washington State, in all her seasons, in all her charms. Journey with them from the Palouse to the Olympics, from the Columbia River Bar to the Pend Oreille. Immerse in Seattle's urban bustle, the relaxed charm of the San Juans and the frontier mystique of the eastern state. Celebrate the snowy grandeur of Mounts Baker, Shuksan, Saint Helens, Adams and Rainier. Bald eagles and bighorn sheep, balsamroots and tulips, and wranglers and Pow Wows, all contribute to the rich jigsaw puzzle that is Washington. Full color. Hardbound, 128 pages, ISBN 9780760329207. List Price $19.95. Publisher Voyageur Press. For copies, contact us.

Our Oregon

Let celebrated photographer George Ostertag take you into the heart of one of the nation's prettiest states. Travel from sea level to mountaintop from urban center to lonesome outback. Get to know the soul of Oregon through the fabric of the land and through the eyes and faces of its people. Full color. Hardbound, 128 pages, ISBN 0760329214. List Price $19.95. Publisher Voyageur Press. For copies, contact us.

Best Short Hikes in Northwest Oregon

Let this book take you on the very best short hikes in Northwest Oregon. These hikes applaud the diversity and history of the region. Discover wilderness realms, wildlife areas, volcanic and glacial legacies, old-growth forests, idyllic valley niches and untrammeled coast. Not bad for a bunch of short hikes. B&W. Paperback, 288 pages, ISBN 0898868807. List Price $14.95. Publisher Mountaineers Books.

California State Parks, Second Edition

California parades out a superb collection of state parks, and this indispensible guide will help you discover their secrets and wonder. From desert expanses to towering redwoods, from aqua seas to mountain crests, from a Chinese Joss House to the Wassama Roundhouse of the Miwok Indians, this guidebook will lead you to and through this exciting treasury. Plus, it will get you started on the activity: scenic drives, nature walks, historical tours, camping, picnicking, wildlife watching, hiking, biking, horseback riding, swimming, diving, boating —you name it, California has got it. B&W. Paperback, 304 pages, ISBN 0898867622. List Price $17.95. Publisher Mountaineers Books.

75 Hikes in Oregon's Coast Range & Siskiyous

This book introduces hikers to Oregon's forgotten mountains that string between the Pacific Coast and the Willamette Valley. Wild rivers, tumbling waterfalls, old-growth trees, lookout summits, a hanging rock, Indian and pioneer history, wilderness solitude and one of the richest botanical reserves in the country compose this mountain corridor. Featured trails run the gamut from short nature walks to challenging treks. B&W. Paperback, 240 pages, ISBN 0898866200. List Price $14.95. Publisher Mountaineers Books.

50 Hikes in Hells Canyon & Oregon's Wallowas

This book offers a snapshot of the trail offering in two side-by-side, but contrasting landscapes. You'll discover alplike splendor in Oregon's Wallowa Mountains, the homeland of the Nez Perce Indians, and you'll discover the fiercely beautiful arid wild at the Oregon–Idaho divide—Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America. The trails heap one stunning landscape and wilderness impression atop another. Hikes follow the Snake River, top mountains, wrap through canyons, visit high lakes, traverse high meadows and enter glacial realms. B&W. Paperback, 160 pages, ISBN 0898865212. List Price $14.95. Publisher Mountaineers Books. For copies, contact us.


Backroads of Oregon

This is your guide to thirty of Oregon's most scenic backroads adventures. Let local experts Rhonda and George Ostertag lead you into the mystery and the majesty that is Oregon. Rich verbal descriptions, vibrant color-images, historical photos and fascinating sidebars will carry you across the state. This coffee table–quality pictorial guide is ideal for happy wanderer and armchair traveler. Full color. Softbound, 160 pages, ISBN 08965808814. List Price $21.95. PublisherVoyageur Press. To order contact us.

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